Miracle Sponge

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Base Maker
Miracle Sponge

Color : ORANGE

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Base Maker
Miracle Sponge

▪️ Miracle Sponge A multi-functional sponge for applying liquid and cream foundations.
▪️ Use the rounded sides to merge larger areas of your face, the soft tip to cover imperfections and the flat edge to define the contour of your eyes and nose, giving you smooth, enhanced and gorgeous complexion.
▪️ Can be used wet to get a dewy or dry glow of powder products.

🔲 Specifications
Material : Sponge Latex Free
Size : 40 * 60 MM

🔲 Note : The Sponge is Designed Mainly For Makeup Not For Facial Cleaning

🔲 Package Included :
1 X Makeup Sponge

🔲 Color : ORANGE