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INDIVIDUAL 10pcs – T323

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10pcs Shed Resistant Individual Makeup Brushes Customary Set T323

Everyday Essentials Brush Set for Natural Makeup Looks

If you never know where to start when it comes to finding the best makeup brushes for daily makeup, look no further. The 10pcs Customary Makeup Brushes Set will be your best choice.

The brushes are made with natural and synthetic mixed hair in proper ratio and matrix which makes the brushes are softer, comfier and easier in use.

A handful are necessary

4 face brushes can be used for powder, bronzer, powder foundation, concealer blush and blending.

Truly only need one set

Eye brushes, plus a dual-ended brow brush that makes it simple to craft the perfect arch.

Set Content 

Powder Brush: Apply pressed and loose powders.

Angled Brush: Use as Blushes brush. Apply to blend and build your favorite blush, bronzer or contour on the cheeks.

Foundation brush: For a super-natural finish, apply your makeup by gently dabbing the brush onto your skin and softly blending the edges in circular motions.

Detail Buffer Brush: Apply and blends any cream contour or highlighter.

Eye Shadow: Big eyeshadow brush, Smoothly blend and build a natural effect with your favorite eyeshadow.

Detail Blending: Use as Blending brush. Blend colors onto the lid or buff out harsh lines for a well-blended effect.

Small Eye shader: Small eyeshadow brush. Apply eyeshadow with ultra-high precision and detail for your eye look.

Soft Pencil: Use the firm tip for exact color placement, or create your ideal smokey eye using pure natural hair brush to blur and push color.

Detail Liner: Line the eyes with gel or liquid liners for an artistic effect.

Duo Brow Brush: Dual-head eyebrow brush, apply for cream or powder products, to make an exquisite eyebrow makeup look.